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Amie A.

Amie Archut is a trained and seasoned dance professional whose passion for dance is evident in everything she does, from teaching to performing. Amie has been a student of dance since she was just 10 years old, training in Ballet, Gymnastics, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Salsa. She attended the Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts High School as a dance major and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education from Florida International University. While living in Miami, Amie discovered the art of Pole Dancing. She began training in pole in 2011 and brings her technical dance background into everything she does. It was also while in Miami that Amie took her first yoga class in 2007 and instantly fell in love. After moving back to Bucks County, PA Amie decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. Amie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training program in the summer of 2014. Along with her yoga certification she is also a Reiki level II practitioner and incorporates this beautiful healing technique into all of her classes. Amie hasn't wasted any time in putting her degree in Education to use, as she has taught a variety of classes including Salsa, Zumba, Yoga and Pole fitness. In 2014 Amie achieved her greatest accomplishment yet, becoming the owner of Elite Pole Fitness. Amie has put her heart and soul into becoming the best teacher and leader she can possibly be, and is constantly striving to learn more about Pole, Yoga, and business. Her drive, ambition, and passion is evident in everything she does.

Amie A. instructs the following:
  • Pole Level 1 - 3
  • Pole Level 1 - 3 is a mixed level Int./Adv. Pole class. We will take a pole level 1 move or combo and give options on how we can advance these tricks up to Level 3. Students will stop wherever their abilities allow. Must have instructor approval to advance to Level 1. We also recommend being in Pole level 1 for several weeks prior to entering this mixed level class, as it will move a bit faster than our strictly level 1 classes.

  • Yoga Mixed Levels
  • Mixed level Vinyasa flow Yoga (this class welcomes beginners). Modifications offered for Beginner to Intermediate students!

  • Intro. to Pole Dancing
  • This is our first level at Elite! If you are new to pole you must take Intro as your very first class. We will learn how to spin, climb, and sit on the pole, along with strength training techniques to help you advance to Pole Level 1. No prior experience necessary for this class. 

  • Pole Level 2 - 3
  • In level 2 - 3 we will begin focusing on more advance spins, grips, climbs, conditioning, spin pole, handsprings and combos. You must have a solid climb, chopper, inside and outside leg hangs, butterfly and layback and be approved by an instructor to join this class.

  • Intermediate Pole Dance Flow
  • This class is a fun, sexy, pole class which focus's on dance flow choreography on the pole and the floor. Each class will feature a new dance combo. This intermediate level is open to only students level 1 and higher or with instructor approval. Leg warmers, or knee pads, and socks are recommended and heels are optional.

  • Pole Mixed Levels
  • Open to ALL level pole students who have taken at least one Intro to Pole class.

  • Pole Level 1 - 2
  • This level is open to all students who have completed Intro and are ready to invert and work on level 1 and 2 skills, which includes advance spins, climbs, choppers, leg hangs, combos and more!

  • Beginner Pole Workshop
  • Always wanted to try a Pole Fitness class? Well here's your chance! We are having a Beginner Pole Workshop geared specifically to those who have never tried Pole before! 
    - 1 Hour and 15 min Beginner Pole Class
    - No Experience Necessary 
    - Specials and Discounts offered exclusively to students who attend the workshop!
    - New and Local Students ONLY (must live within 35 min of the studio, no exceptions)
    - Must pre-register, limited space available!
    - Not eligible for groups of 4 or more people. Please visit, for group prices. 
    - Only $18!
    Recommended Attire: Shorts (required) and a tank-top. No lotion or jewelry (no rings!). Please bring a Yoga mat for the warm-up (limited amount to borrow).
    ** All workshops are non-refunable. 72 hour cancellation notice is required for studio credit. You cannot sign 2 people up for this event under 1 name. Each student must have their own individual account to be signed up properly.

  • Teacher Training: Pole Level 1
  • Pole Level 1: (Elite Level 1 - If you are joining from another studio, this is our second level, and completion on Intro Level is required).
    8 hours of teacher training, 1 hour pole spotting workshop, 10 hours of assisting, 2 practice teaching classes, a manual for you to keep. (1 Hour Pole Spotting workshop will be scheduled on a separate date, we will pick this date based off of all participates and teacher availability).

    Price $465

  • Int./Adv. Pole Flow Performance
  • Int./Adv Pole Performance class, performing in Nov. Showcase. Pre-Registration Required!

  • Int/Adv Pole FLOW Perf. (THURSDAYS)
  • Int./Advanced (Pole Level 1-3) Pole FLOW Performance Class which will meet every Thursday evening at 8 pm with Amie! Rehearsals start Thurs 1/31 and the group will perform in our Spring Showcase May 3rd and 4th.

    * This event is just to register for the class. Weekly sign ups will take place on our schedule page (same as a regular class)

  • SOLO/DOUBLES Performance
  • Solo or Doubles Performance which will perform in our Spring Showcase May 3rd and 4th. Solo rehearsals will be Friday 7:00pm,  as well as 2 (or more) spots open during all group rehearsals! Extra practice time can/will be made when possible or for a small room rental fee (see showcase sheet for full details). Discounted privates for $50!
    * This event is just to register for the class. Weekly sign ups will take place on our schedule page (same as a regular class). Email to schedule studio rental/privates.

  • Adv. Pole Performance (Closed Class)
  • Advanced Performance class which will perform in our upcoming showcase. Pre-registration and instructor approval required.

  • INT/ADV Pole Perf. (SATURDAYS)
  • Int./Advanced (Pole Level 2-3) Pole Performance Class which will meet every Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm with Amie! Rehearsals start Saturday 2/2 and the group will perform in our Spring Showcase May 3rd and 4th.
    * This event is just to register for the class. Weekly sign ups will take place on our schedule page (same as a regular class)