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Why All Pole Dancers Should be Doing Yoga.

        Although Yoga and Pole Dancing may seem like two contradicting ideas, they are actually remarkably similar. Both Yoga and Pole Fitness require a great amount of strength, flexibility and concentration. Many moves performed on the pole are almost exactly the same as popular yoga poses. Training in Yoga can help one gain the strength and flexibility needed in order to perform complicated tricks on the pole.
Yoga Poses That Help with the Upper Body and Core Strength Needed for Pole:

Chaturanga:                                   Plank Pose:
 chaturangahigh plank
Boat Pose:                                  Crow Pose:

Yoga Poses that Help with the Flexibility Needed for Pole:
Hamstring Flexibility; helps with Choppers, Pole Splits, Allegra, Butterfly, Jade Split and more: 

Hanamasana:                           Reclining Big Toe Pose:
    168-Hanumanasana-Jack-Cuneobig toe

Wide-Angled seated forward bend:
Hip Flexibility; helps with backbends, Allegra, Inside Leg Hang, Cocoon, Jade Split and more:

Anjaneyasana:                              Lizard Pose:
                       tfm-Anjaneyasanalizard pose
   High Lunge:                  Pigeon (all variations):

Back Flexibility; helps with Allegra, Cocoon, Ballerina, Crescent Moon, Remi Seat, Janiero, Eagle, Marchenko, Yogini and many more!

Cobra:                                          Camel:
                 maxresdefaultcamel pose
Bow Pose:                                   Wheel:

Inversions in Yoga help students get comfortable being upside down, while building core, shoulder, forearm and wrist strength! Forearm stands and Handstands can also used as specific pole tricks!

Forearm Stand:   Handstand:

forearm stand2Handstand away

     These are only a few examples of the many poses and many ways a yoga practice can improve your pole skills! Owner of Elite, Amie, uses Yoga as her only cross training to pole. Elite offers two Yoga classes per week, Tuesday evenings at 7:15 pm with Amie and Sunday mornings at 11am with Dana. We hope you join us for a class!



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