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Pole Myths & How We Break Them

At some point in your pole journey, I bet you’ve heard or thought one of the following myths about pole dance. Let’s break them down.


“Pole Is Just For Strippers”

Pole is for EVERYONE. If strippers want to take classes to up their game, more power to them; however, taking your clothes off is NOT a requirement for pole dancing. Pole dance history is intertwined with that of exotic dance, but is a great workout in its own right. We teach a wonderful array of individuals at Elite: those in the medical field, holistic healers, business owners, managers, military, costumers, students, mothers, etc.

"The stripper stigma surrounding pole is something that touches all pole dancers. I was initially drawn to pole when I graduated dental school. I was searching for a new adventure, a new activity, something social to fill the void left behind by studying for exams and celebrating when they were done. After a few classes I was hooked. Trying hard to command respect as a new dentist, I felt the need to keep my new found love of fitness and flying around on a metal pole to myself. Over the years I've shared my passion for pole with people, though I still have not told my co-workers or patients. As soon as you tell someone the conversation inevitably turns to strippers. When I was new to pole I felt the need to defend myself, to justify the skimpy clothes (seriously though, they are needed for grip!), but as time went on I no longer cared. I feel strong, stronger than I've ever been. I can hold myself upside down in positions that most people would find impossible. I'll rock 'stripper heels' if I want to without feeling any shame. I'm proud of my accomplishments and no form of exercise or clothing makes someone less deserving of respect. In fact I've gained a new appreciation for the strippers I initially was seeking separation from. If, as a doctor, poling for exercise gives people a reason to pass judgement about me, I can only imagine the energy strippers need to expend trying to be taken seriously." - Allyson


“I’m Too Old”

Some people start their pole journeys young, while others don’t find it until much later in life. Whenever you come to pole, we bet you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t I come sooner?” We have some mothers at our studio who will tell you they feel better than ever after starting pole fitness. We recently held a photo shoot for students at the studio. The photographer, Stephen Choo-Quan, was astonished to learn Michelle Walters’ age after seeing how strong and flexible she was. 


Michelle W


“I’m Not Strong/Flexible Enough”

We hear this so many times, and it’s just not true. Some people come to pole with a background in dance, gymnastics, circus, yoga, or another type of fitness. While they may have a slight advantage, everyone’s journey is different. Pole GIVES you strength and flexibility. That’s precisely why we stretch in warm-ups and do conditioning exercises. We’re here to help you succeed, and will give you the tools you need to do so. You’ll be climbing to the ceiling before you know it!


“I’m Too Big/Out of Shape”

I call bull! There are so many different aspects of pole that anyone of any shape can do it. Take a Roz the Diva for example.


Meet Roz the Diva: Body Positive Pole Dancing Superhero

If you want someone closer to home, look at our own instructor, Mark Francis. He lost 100 pounds just by pole dancing. The pole doesn’t discriminate. Make it work for you!


“I’m Not Sexy”

Pole dancing doesn’t have to be sexy. It certainly can be a great way to connect with your sensual side, but there are as many styles of dance as there are dancers. Elite has been home to styles such as exotic, chair, belly dance, hip-hop, burlesque, theatrical, lyrical, comedy, and even jazzercise. There’s something for everyone.

"When I say I pole dance, everyone assumes everything I do is provocative. Take a class with me and you'll know that's not the case. Pole has simply helped me redefine what sexy is to me. Sexy is showing my strength and power. It's being confident in my own skin and feeling accepted enough to be silly. While pole means different things to everyone, for me it's about having the ability to fully be myself, goofball and all." - Lindsey


“Pole Is For Girls”

There are so many amazing pole dancers in the world, of course men are included! We are proud to have some awesome male dancers at Elite. Check out some of the following Instagram accounts of male polers (of course, our very own Mark tops the list).


“Pole Means You Take Your Clothes Off”

The only thing remotely true about this statement is that as you advance in pole, skin grip is required for certain moves. It in no way means you have to be nearly naked to pole dance. There are tons of companies out there that make clothes specifically for pole dancers. There are styles that offer the skin grip you need without sacrificing the modesty you may want. Then again, there are those of us who love skimpy pole wear. There’s something out there for everyone!


Many of the myths we hear about pole come from those outside the pole community. If you come to a class, those myths dissolve instantly. One of my favorite sayings is “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.” Never let preconceived notions keep you from something you love. #UnitedByPole


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